Prosys Offload Pressure Relief Boot

The Offload Pressure Relief Boot is the inflatable offloading device that helps to safely remove pressure from the heel. Designed for the use of patients at all levels of risk, including very high risk, and for patients with existing pressure ulcers grades 1 to 4.

The heel is especially vulnerable to pressure sores due to the small surface area, thinness of tissue depending on how near the heel bone is to the skin surface. If a patient develops a pressure ulcer whilst in hospital, their stay is extended on average by 5-8 additional days, increasing hospital costs by 300%.

On average, each month 2,000 newly diagnosed pressure ulcers are acquired within the NHS in England alone. In April 2014 to the end of March 2015, just under 25,000 patients were reported to have developed a pressure ulcer. 

The Offload Boot


  • When used effectively Offload reduces the pressure to Zero with the heel sitting over the Float Zone.
  • Offload can be used for both pressure ulcer prevention and treatment of patients heel pressure ulcers. 
  • Reduces the impact of pressure, friction and shear
  • For use in bed or with feet elevated into horizontal position, easily secured with strap provided
  • Fully washable, re-usable and cost effective

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Prosys Offload Pressure Relief Boot

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Product: Prosys Offload Pressure Relief Boot