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G&N has a long, rich and successful heritage in the development of effective healthcare solutions. As part of a continued commitment to driving meaningful product development, we’re delighted to have partnered with AOTI which specialises in developing innovative advanced technological medical devices with clinical advantage at the forefront of design.

The designers of the NEXA® NPWT System have played an integral role in the development of negative pressure devices over the last three decades including some of the pioneering products that were introduced almost 30 years ago in the 1990’s. The NEXA System is a high-quality wound care device that is born directly from the needs of patients and clinicians alike.

The NEXA System, offers the opportunity for patients to transition from hospital to home more quickly, reducing the risk of re-admission by providing true and consistent therapy for chronic wounds.

Features and Benefits:

  • Clinically-effective, Affordable, Simple, and Environmentally-responsible
  • Multi-week disposable, with up to 8 weeks running time
  • Approximately 10 hours power provided through its internal rechargeable battery
  • Nexa’s Mercury NPWT system delivers the performance and flexibility of durable medical equipment (DME) NPWT systems (by storing fluid remotely) but in a disposable device.

The Mercury NEXA NPWT system uses three new innovations in negative pressure therapy:


By manipulating the outer walls of the tubing we eliminate the risk of fluid contaminating the internal unit.

The NEXA System runs continually, providing therapeutic negative pressure and continuous removal of both air & fluid from the wound site. Exudate is removed from the wound even in the event of a leak in the dressing – thereby reducing the potential risk of skin maceration.


The patent-protected SmartFlow™ Connector is located close to the wound. It maintains consistent negative pressure regardless of height variances between the device and dressing.


The Mercury contained pump design within a Nexa device enables fluid to be collected in a novel flexible canister fluid container pack, called the EcoPouch*

This eliminates the need for traditional pumps with the need for thick bulky fluid canisters. This means less; space, cost, & waste.

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Nexa Device

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