Sharps Containers

G&N offer an extensive range of sharps containers which are manufactured to the highest quality standards to comply with the latest regulations. The full range of sharps bins are disposable, puncture resistant and available in a variety of colours. They are equipped with temporary and definitive closures, certified hermetic seals and do not emit any harmful emissions during the incineration process.

Along with our sharps containers we also supply a range of different accessories and stands that hold the UN mark for the transportation of dangerous materials.

The full range are compliant with current legislation and hold the appropriate UN mark for transport of dangerous goods. Available directly from G&N.

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Features & Benefits: 

The Griff® Sharps range is composed of shock proof and puncture resistant containers for the disposal of sharps.


  • 4 & 6 Litres
  • Wide lid design for easy disposal on both size options.


  • 0.7 – 2.5 Litres
  • Conical shape designed for the cost effective disposal of sharps
  • Available in: 0.7, 1, 2.5

PBS 12 Litres

  • A uniquely designed 12 litre container for safe disposal of sharps with anti-defluxion flow wings to prevent outflow of waste.


  • 22 Litres
  • Easy to assemble
  • Autoclavable at 134° for 18 minutes

Key features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Secure lid
  • Wide opening for the easy and safe disposal of sharps
  • Fill level indicator
  • Temporary and permanent closure
  • Various accessories available
  • Ease of manual handling
  • Facility for needles and insulin pen removal (if needed)
  • No emission of any harmful gas during the incineration process
  • Designed for quality and safety

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Order CodeDescriptionShort Description
562000Griff Sharps 0.7 litre Yellow lidDispo 0.7 Y
562017Griff Sharps 0.7 litre Orange lidDispo 0.7 O
562018Griff Sharps 0.7 litre Purple lidDispo 0.7 P
562004Griff Sharps 1 litre Yellow lidDispo 1 Y
562019Griff Sharps 1 litre Orange lidDispo 1 O
562003Griff Sharps 1 litre Purple LidDispo 1 P
562006Griff Sharps 2.5 litre yellow lidDispo 2.5 Y
562022Griff Sharps 2.5 litre orange lidDispo 2.5 O
562023Griff Sharps 2.5 litre purple lidDispo 2.5 P
573000Griff Sharps 4 litre square Yellow lidDaily 4 Y
573001Griff Sharps 4 litre square Orange lidDaily 4 O
573002Griff Sharps 4 litre square purple lidDaily 4 P
573003Griff Sharps 6 litre square Yellow lidDaily 6 Y
573004Griff Sharps 6 litre square orange LidDaily 6 O
573005Griff Sharps 6 litre square Purple lidDaily 6 P
569009Griff Sharps 10 litre square Yellow lidCS 10 plus Y
569010Griff Sharps 10 litre square orange LidCS 10 plus O
569011Griff Sharps 10 litre square Purple lidCS 10 plus P
565004Griff Sharps 12 litre round Yellow lidPBS12 Y
565011Griff Sharps 12 litre round orange LidPBS12 O
565012Griff Sharps 12 litre round Purple lidPBS12 P
569012Griff Sharps 22 litre rectangular Yellow lidCS 22 plus yellow
569013Griff Sharps 22 litre rectangular orange LidCS 22 Plus Orange
569014Griff Sharps 22 litre rectangular Purple lidCS 22 Plus purple

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Sharps Containers

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