Ecodas Waste Treatment System

ECODAS has developed a patented, innovative and fully automated system that shreds then sterilizes Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) by saturated steam.

ECODAS sustainable treatment process combines pre-shredding and direct pressurized heated steam all in one enclosed system.

The final treated waste is sterilized residue that is safe for disposal as ordinary municipal waste while its initial volume is reduced by up to 80%

Features & Benefits:

Easy to use – One-day training for operators, minimum maintenance for the system

Reliable – Equipped with an interlock safety system, Shredding and sterilization in one enclosed & compact system, No intermediate waste handling

Effective – Un-reusable waste, Pre-shredding permits effective sterilization, Up to 80% volume waste reduction, Temperature monitoring at the core of the waste

Environmentally responsible – Green technology, Environmentally friendly, No hazardous emissions (Smoke, chemical release, radiation), Allows on-site treatment

Economical – Easy to install, No external transport & extra packaging needed, Cost reduction in treatment and management of infectious waste, Short payback period, great ROI and large saving

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Ecodas Waste Treatment System

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Product: Ecodas Waste Treatment System