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Our Culture

G&N’s people and the culture in which we do business is our greatest strength, we are a hive of energy, there is always something happening somewhere, and our people are always at the heart of it.

G&N are incredibly proud of their people, as every individual brings something unique but equally brilliant to the mix.

No day is the same for our tight knit team and together, we have an abundance of skills, wealth of experience and many characters that make G&N a truly rare company to be part of.

As a company, as a team and as individuals, we pride ourselves on our values, which is to deliver innovation to healthcare in an authentic, enthusiastic and passionate way, because nothing brings us more joy than being part of something bigger than ourselves.

Giles GriffithsChief Executive Officer

Personal Statement – “G&N plays a significant role in supplying products and technology to the healthcare market. Whether its improving patient outcome or reducing impact on the environment. But where we are particularly proud is our team, via strategic recruitment or developing existing individual, we combine to make a dynamic team of individuals each bringing value to colleagues and customers.”

Jennifer TaylorSales & Marketing Director

Personal Statement – “The G&N family- the word company is seldomly used when describing what it’s like working at G&N. We are a small family, of like minded people, that are all striving to achieve the same goal. No day is the same and if you enjoy the rush of a rollercoaster, you would fit right in. I love that our vision brings us together in “crunch time”, with no one afraid of stepping out of their daily jobs to achieve it. Laughter gets us through many days and I am proud to call my colleagues, friends.”

About G&N

Where we are now?

G&N continue to be market leaders for DVT prevention in the UK, actively supplying the NHS and private healthcare markets. We have expanded our product portfolio to include colorectal scopes, medical compression garments, retractable needles and pressure relieving devices, which have become a core focus for our business in the coming year.

G&N now supplies end users and distributors in 24 countries in our main markets of Europe, Middle East and Australasia. G&N are registered on US GPO frameworks and we are actively seeking opportunities to grow that distribution network with like-minded international partners.

G&N are actively looking for new product opportunities in the UK market and encourage suppliers to work with us on their new innovations to further improve the clinical outcomes for both patients and healthcare professionals.

G&N’s laboratory divisions are moving toward more green initiatives including improved sustainable clinical waste containment and environmentally beneficial waste treatment systems.


How did we get here?

G&N Started by Graham Griffiths and Bent Nielsen as a laboratory business, manufacturing and selling petri dishes alongside other lab consumables.
G&N expanded the range of laboratory consumables by becoming distributors to Sterilin.
Giles Griffiths became CEO of G&N, and the company moved into the clinical waste market offering a range of Griff bins to NHS for clinical waste disposal.
G&N expanded the clinical waste range to offer various other containment solutions, thus becoming the provider of the largest range in the UK.
G&N started the journey of transitioning into a global medical device company. Started the development of the Anti Embolism Stocking range, exploiting a gap in the market for a new innovative product.
G&N’s AES range supplied 25% of the UK market. We expanded our DVT prevention portfolio with PneumaPress an intermittent pneumatic compression device, gaining a respectable market share within an acute hospital setting.
After 6 more years of supplying to the NHS and continuous product innovation, the birth of FITLEGS, G&N’s compression hosiery brand became market leaders, obtaining 60% of the UK Anti-Embolism stocking market.
G&N expanded the FITLEGS product range. Developing FITLEGS Everyday & Life, for those that seek everyday compression to reduce aches and pains in the legs and feet; FITLEGS Sport for those looking to improve endurance and recovery.
G&N introduced the Geko device to the market, this revolutionary innovation provides electro stimulation to the perineal nerve to improve blood flow. This addition completed G&N’s DVT prophylaxis portfolio, providing a complete offering of solutions in an acute hospital setting.
G&N expanded the product portfolio acquiring the Proctolux and Sigmolux scopes range; along with the introduction of Vanish Point a range of retractable needles. At the same time G&N moved the waste containment business into a Laboratory division to better serve our customers and develop technologies and products that are required for a more sustainable future.
Expanded our FITLEGS compression hosiery range, bringing out FITLEGS 2 our class 2 medical range for those that clinically require higher strength compression therapy.
G&N Launched our online retail store www.fitlegs.com, providing compression to the community and healthcare professionals for their day to day use. Conducting campaigns providing free socks to NHS staff throughout the pandemic to support those on the front line. Our FITLEGS 2 product was listed for prescription on the NHS FP10 Drug Tariff.

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