Griff® Pac

The Griff® Pac is a high quality clinical waste box that is 74% lighter than standard rigid units.

Made from lightweight corrugated polypropylene and approved to UN 3291, Griff® Pac is ideal for the collection and disposal of clinical waste.

It’s ultra-lightweight ‘fold flat’ design reduces transport and treatment costs, whilst the low plastic content ensures that processing emissions are minimised. The Griff® Pac is available in 25 and 50 litre sizes.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Has a flat-pack design to reduce the transport and storage costs.
  • Has an integrated handle to allow ease of transportation.
  • Is available in yellow, orange, or blue colours to comply with waste segregation regulations .
  • Has a thermo-welded base which is resistant to liquid contamination.
  • Can be stacked efficiently to reduce storage space.
  • Recycled material option available
specifications25 Litres50 Litres
Inside Dimensions265mm x 235mm x 450mm290 x 280mm x 600mm
Maximum Weight Capacity9kg12.5kg
Weight When Empty320g450g

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Order CodeDescriptionShort Description
54200250L High Orange lightweight corrugated polypropyleneGriff-Pac.50H/O
54200150L High Yellow lightweight corrugated polypropyleneGriff-Pac.50H/Y
54200250L High Blue lightweight corrugated polypropyleneGriff-Pac.50H/B
54200725L Orange lightweight corrugated polypropyleneGriff-Pac.25/O
54200525L Yellow lightweight corrugated polypropyleneGriff-Pac.25/Y
54200425L Blue lightweight corrugated polypropyleneGriff-pac.25/B
54200625L Red lightweight corrugated polypropyleneGriff-pac.25/R
54200750L High Red corrugated polypropyleneGriffPAC.50L HIGH/R

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Griff® Pac

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Product: Griff® Pac