The CTC-7 Device

The CTC-7 Device is an iceless and portable all in one rehabilitation system for athletes recovering from sports injuries and for patients’ post-operative recovery. The CTC-7 offers cryotherapy, thermotherapy and contrast therapy treatments. With the option of intermittent pneumatic compression therapy alongside these temperature settings. These treatments can help to reduce the recovery time period of a patient or athlete.

G&N are now offering direct rental services for the CTC-7 device for patients and athletes for just £290 a month. Submit your interest here.

The CTC-7 device allows you to customise the temperature, compression level and cycle time for optimum treatment. There are a variety of wraps available with the CTC-7: Elbow Wrap, Knee Wrap, Ankle Wrap, Shoulder Wrap, Back Wrap & Universal Wrap, to cover all treatment areas.

The iceless nature of the CTC-7 device means that only 200ml of distilled water is needed to perform multiple treatment cycles and that there is a continuous temperature applied to the patients’ therapy area. Providing more convenience without having to regularly top up with ice and more effective treatment without temperature fluctuation as the ice melts.

Benefits of the CTC-7:

  • Reduced pain 1,8
  • Reduction in inflammation 2
  • Reduction in swelling (edema) 1
  • Increased blood flow3,6
  • Reduction in Muscle Soreness4 & Improvement in Joint Mobility5,7


  • Modes: Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy, Contrast Therapy
  • Cryotherapy: 6˚C to 15˚C ±3˚C at cycle time 5 – 60 minutes
  • Thermotherapy: 35˚C to 45˚C ±3˚C at a cycle time 5 – 30 minutes
  • Contrast Therapy: Option between Hot to Cold or Cold to Hot, 3 minute temperature changeover
  • Compression: 4 Levels – Level 1 (15mmHg) Level 2 (30mmHg) Level 3 (50mmHg) Level 4 (75mmHg)


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The CTC-7 Device

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