Nexa Device

G&N has a long, rich and successful heritage in the development of effective healthcare solutions. As part of a continued commitment to driving meaningful product development, we’re delighted to have partnered with AOTI which specialises in developing innovative advanced technological medical devices with clinical advantage at the forefront of design. The designers of the NEXA® […]

Prosys Offload Pressure Relief Boot

The Offload Pressure Relief Boot is the inflatable offloading device that helps to safely remove pressure from the heel. Designed for the use of patients at all levels of risk, including very high risk, and for patients with existing pressure ulcers grades 1 to 4. The heel is especially vulnerable to pressure sores due to […]

Prosys Prevasse Pressure Redistribution Cushion

During sitting, as much as 75% of body weight is taken through the sacral area, which can lead to pressure damage. Prevasse is a proven aid in the prevention of pressure ulceration for all patients including those assessed as high risk and for the treatment of existing category 1 and 2 pressure ulcers. Prevasse is […]