Prosys Prevasse Pressure Redistribution Cushion

During sitting, as much as 75% of body weight is taken through the sacral area, which can lead to pressure damage. Prevasse is a proven aid in the prevention of pressure ulceration for all patients including those assessed as high risk and for the treatment of existing category 1 and 2 pressure ulcers.

Prevasse is a transportable and lightweight solution for static chairs. The cushion is compatible for general purpose wheelchairs where it can be secured with a strap. And, is suitable for both Acute and Homecare settings.

The Prevasse may be cleaned and reused for multiple patient use.


The device need to be checked regularly to ensure proper inflation level. It may be necessary to add or remove air for just the right comfort level, but always ensure the patient is fully supported on the cushion. If deterioration in skin condition is noted, cease use and seek clinical advice.

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Prosys Prevasse Pressure Redistribution Cushion

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Product: Prosys Prevasse Pressure Redistribution Cushion