In light of reduced incineration capacity in the market and the global need to reduce carbon footprint, G&N has worked with technical and engineering partners to provide solutions for clinics, hospitals and waste management companies. In the form of the Sterilsmart microwave and Bioenergy Vortex reformer treatment systems.

Microwave technology for sterilisation of clinical waste, making its ready for disposal

SterilSmart is a safe, efficent & robust option for sterilisation in medical, veterinary and laboratory environments. Using the SterilSmart is a fast, safe and environmentally friendly way to render multiple waste streams non-hazardous.

Microwave technology has been proven to be highly effective against Coronavirues such as Covid-19

SterilSmart will reduce EWC codes 18 01 03 and 18 02 02 to 18 01 04 and 18 02 03.

Powered by domestic single-phase supply drawing 10A.

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Product: Sterilsmart