We offer an extensive range of sharps containers which are manufactured to the highest quality standards to comply with the latest regulations. The full range of sharps bins are disposable, puncture resistant and available in a variety of colours. They are equipped with temporary and definitive closures, certified hermetic seals and do not emit any harmful emissions during the incineration process.

Along with our sharps containers we also supply a range of different accessories and stands that hold the UN mark for the transportation of dangerous materials.

For more information or to place an order, please call our Customer Services line on (+44) 0845 263 8908 or email medsales@gandn.com.

Our Sharps Containers

Includes a rotating lid for the disposal of sharps waste and has a simple snap-type closure. The high containers are ideal for cannulas and particularly long needles. The CS Line is available in the following sizes: 2 litre, 3 litre, 4 litre, 5 litre short, 5 litre high and 6 litre high.

CS Line sharps container CS 2 litre sharps container CS 2 litre sharps containers

The CS Plus Line includes 9 square shape disposable and puncture resistant containers with new generation lids, with hand temporary and definitive closure. The CS Plus Line also has a wide opening for the disposal of voluminous material. The CS Plus Line range includes containers from 2L to 22L; the 6 and 7L containers are appropriate for the disposal of cannulas and particularly long needles.




The PBS Line has temporary and permanent closures with solid handles for transportation. All models are fitted with indents for the removal of needles. The PBS Line is available in the following sizes: 0.6 litre, 0.8 litre, 1.5 litre, 2 litre, 5 litre, 7 litre and 12 litre.

PBS 5 LITRE sharps container PBS 5 litre sharps container PBS 5 litre sharps container

The conical shaped Dispo line is equipped with permanent and temporary closure mechanisms, have a wide opening for the disposal of larger materials and three indents for the removal of insulin pens and needles. The Dispo Line is easy to assemble and is available in the following sizes: 0.5 litre, 0.7 litre, 1 litre, 1.5 litre, 2 litre, 2.5 litre, 3 litre and 4 litre.

Dispo 4 Litre sharps container Dispo 4 Litre sharps container Dispo 4 Litre sharps container

The Nursy sharps containers are equipped with a rotating lid which has both permanent and temporary closures. The body has a universal trolley hanging system that operates both vertically and horizontally, guaranteeing a hermetic seal even if tipped upside down. The Nursy Line is available in the following sizes: 3 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre.

Nursy 5 yellow__1431681737_82.69.236.118          Nursy 5 purple__1431681391_82.69.236.118           Nursy 5 red__1431681631_82.69.236.118




Item Number  Product Description 
561000  CS Container 2 Litre Yellow 
561001  CS Container 3 litre Yellow 
561002  CS Container 4L Yellow/Purple 
561003  CS Container 4L Yellow/Yellow  
561004  CS Container 5L Yellow/Yellow 
561005  CS Container 5L High Yellow/Yellow 
561006  CS Container 6L Yellow/Yellow 
569000  CS Plus Container 2L Yellow/Red
569001 CS Plus Container 3L Yellow/Red
569002 CS Plus Container 4L Yellow/Red
569003 CS Plus Container 5L Yellow/Red
569004 CS Plus B Container 5L Yellow/Red
569005 CS Plus Container 6L Yellow/Red
569006 CS Plus Container 7L Yellow/Red
569007 CS Plus Container 10L Yellow/Red
569008 CS Plus Container 22L Yellow/Red
562000  Dispo Container 0.7L Yellow/Yellow 
562001  Dispo Container 1L Yellow/Red 
562002  Dispo Container 1.5L Yellow/Yellow 
562003  Dispo Container 1L Yellow/Purple 
562004  Dispo Container 1L Yellow/Yellow 
562005  Dispo Container 2.5L Yellow/Red 
562006  Dispo Container 2.5L Yellow/Yellow
562007  Dispo Container 2L Yellow/Yellow 
562008  Dispo Container 3L Yellow/Yellow 
562009  Dispo Container 4L Yellow/Red 
562010  Dispo Container 4L Yellow/Purple 
562011  Dispo Container 4L Yellow/Yellow 
563000  Magnum Container Large Yellow/Yellow 
563001  Magnum Container XL Yellow/Yellow 
564000  Nursy Container 10L Yellow/Red 
564001  Nursy Container 10L Yellow/Yellow 
565000  PBS Container 0.6L Yellow/Yellow 
565001  PBS Container 0.8L Yellow/Red 
565002  PBS Container 0.8L Yellow/Yellow 
565003  PBS Container 1.5L Yellow/Yellow  
565004 PBS Container 12L Yellow/Yellow 
565005  PBS Container 2L Yellow/Yellow 
565007  PBS Container 7L Yellow/Purple


  • To view an introductory guide to healthcare waste in England Wales click here.
  • For information on needle-stick injuries in the UK click here.
  • To view the Controlled Waste Regulations for England and Wales click here.
  • To view our Vanishpoint™ safety needles and syringes click here.
  • For more information about sharps injuries in the NHS please refer to NICE guidelines.

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