Sigmolux is a self contained, single use, fully disposable, cable-less and self-illuminating Rigid Sigmoidoscope system designed to optimise mobility during diagnosis and treatment.

Sigmolux is supplied fully assembled and complete with insufflator for inflating the bowel, with a lens to provide a clear view of the observation area.

Sigmolux has a revolutionary designed and patented “Clear View System” which protects the light guide to give a clear and unobstructed view of the examination area.

Uniquely, G+N’s sigmoidoscope delivers light directly to the point of interest, maximising effectiveness and convenience for medical practitioners.

Features and Benefits:

  • Total clinical freedom – patients can be examined at any suitable location
  • Self contained – no cable, wires, or mains power required
  • Maximum light intensity for at least 30 minutes, with illumination continuing for much longer
  • Pre-attached light source for easy of use
  • Light directed to the end of the device where it is most effective
  • Reliably robust and ergonomic
  • Saves time – no servicing or repair of equipment
  • Reduces costs – no cleaning of cables or accessories
  • Simple disposal – straight into clinical waste bin
  • Single use – risk of cross contamination is eliminated
  • Environment – batteries contain no Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, or Lithium


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