We offer a wide range of freestanding tubes, vials and caps for use in transporting and storing biological samples.


Reduce sample contamination with our collection of microcentrifuge tubes which are available with snap lids or tether caps.

microcentrifuge tubes

Specially designed for the low temperature storage of biological material, each leak-proof tube is available with clearly printed graduation marks and sterilised by gamma irradiation.

microcentrifuge and cryogenic storage vial


Made from polystyrene or polypropylene for chemical resistance and strength, our centrifuge tubes are ideal for a variety of applications. Available with or without moulded graduations.

centrifuge tubes

Freestanding polypropylene tubes for transporting and storing biological samples. With moulded graduations, our transport tubes can be sold sterile or non-sterile.

transport tubes and microcentrifuge

We have a wide range of assorted caps available which are suitable for most laboratory vials, tubes and cuvettes. If you’re unsure which cap is right for your requirements, samples are available upon request.

microcentrifuge and transport tubes


To request samples or to place an order, please contact our Customer Services team on 01403 799190 or email labsales@gandn.com

Item Number  Product Description 
201047 Centrifuge Tube 15ml 
201048  Centrifuge Tube PP/PE Irradiated & racked 15ml 
201049  Centrifuge Tube 15ml 120 x 17mm 
201050  Centrifuge Tube, non-skirted 50ml 
204001  Centrifuge Tube, PP, ST 15ml 
204002  Centrifuge Tube, PP Moulded graduations with caps 
204003  Microcentrifuge Tube, PP 0.5ml 
204004  Microcentrifuge Tube, PP 1.5ml 
204005  Microcentrifuge Tube, PP with cap 1.9ml 
204006  Microcentrifuge Tube 2ml 
204007  Microcentrifuge Tube with cap 1.5ml 
204011  Centrifuge Tube, skirted screw cap 1.5ml 
204012  Microcentrifuge Tube 2ml 
204013  Microcentrifuge Tube, skirted base 2ml 
204014  Microcentrifuge Tube, sterile, natural cap 2ml 
204015  Microcentrifuge Tube, conical base 2ml 
204019  Vial, round base, no cap 2ml 
204021  Centrifuge Tube, blue, sterile, screw cap 15ml 
204022  Centrifuge Tube, conical 50ml 
204023  Centrifuge Tube, skirted 50ml 
204024 Centrifuge Tube 15ml 
208007  Vial, no label, PP capped 5ml 
209007  Vial, HD, PE, Rigidex, Natural 5ml 
209008  Vial, 10ml 
209017  Vial, Plastic, no label 2ml 
303010 Screw cap, natural 
303011  Screw cap, blue 
303012  Screw cap, green 
303013  Screw cap, red 
303014  Screw cap, violet 
303015  Screw cap, yellow 
303016  Screw cap, white 
303017  Screw cap, clear 
303020  Cap, Ezee-topper, red 
303021  Cap, Ezee-topper, yellow 

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