Available in a multitude of widths and lengths – ideal for laboratory applications.

We have a wide range of test tubes available, including those with flat, round or conical bottoms.

Our test tube range includes:

  • Borosilicate glass test tubes
  • Soda glass test tubes
  • Polypropylene test tubes

In addition to our range of test tubes, we can also supply you with test tube shakers, labels and test tube holders. Please contact our dedicated Customer Services team on 01403 799190 or email labsales@gandn.com.


Please note that split pack quantities and discounts may be offered and carriage my be charged on some items.

Product  Specifications 
Boroscilicate glass test tubes  High quality tubes which are resistant to 4000rpm. Borosilicate glass has a high resistance to shock and to rapid temperature change. 
Soda glass test tubes  Economical alternatives to suit most applications where the tube will not subjected to extreme temperature change. Ideal for school and university laboratories.
Polypropylene test tubes  Available with a choice of push or screw caps and suitable for samples ranging from 2-10ml 

Item Number  Product Description 
201055  Test Tube 64 x 11mm 
501056  Test Tube 75 x 13mm 
201057  Test Tube, Conical Base 100 x 16mm 
201058  Test Tube, Blood Collection, Glass 10ml 
201059  Test Tube, Blood Collection, Glass 30ml 
201060  Test Tube, No Label, PP Glass with Cap 30ml 
201061  Test Tube, Round Bottom, PS 12 x 75mm 


Further test tubes and accessories are available upon request. To find out more or to place an order please call 0845 263 8908 or email sales@gandn.com.

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