Optimise your samples with our extensive range of high-quality swabs.

Swabs are for the safe collection, transport and preservation of samples; available with wooden, aluminium, polystyrene or polypropylene shafts and with cotton, viscose or alginate tips.

Every swab supplied by G+N has a tamper evident seal and is printed with a lot number, expiry date and full description. All swabs carry the CE mark and are available in a variety of quantities.

Our range includes:

  • Disposable, plain swabs from Sterilin®.
  • Disposable transport swabs.
  • Disposable viral swabs from Sterilin®.
  • Swab rinse kits.




Product  Specifications 
Disposable, plain swabs from Sterilin®  Made from medical grade polypropylene and supplied sterile. These swabs are ideal for samples that will be processed immediately. 
Disposable transport swabs With a unique packaging system combining a nitrogen flushed aluminium inner bag with a laminated pouch. These swabs stay fresh to ensure complete traceability and sterility.
Disposable viral swabs from Sterilin®  Ideal for the recovery of viral pathogens and Chlamydia testing. Thes swabs are individually wrapped in Sterilin’s® unique plastic film pouch. 
Swab rinse kits Enables easy monitoring of bio-burden levels on surfaces and equipment. These alginate tipped swabs dissolve fully to ensure a complete delivery of microbial samples. 

Item Number  Code  Product Description 
401001  902C Swab Rinse Kit with Standard Alginate 
401002 DC165KS100 Swab, Plain, Wooden Stick ST
401003 DCF147C Swab, Virus Transport, Plastic Shaft
401004 DCF150CA Swab, Plain, Wooden Stick
401005 DCF155CA Swab, Plain, Plastic Stick
401006 DCF165KS01 Swab, Plain, Amies, Plastic Stick ST
401007 DCF18108CST Swab, Transport, Amies, Plastic Stick
401008 DCF18110CST Swab, Transport, Amies, Wire Mini-tip
401009 DCF18114CST Swab, Transport, Amies and Charcoal, Plastic Stick
401010 DCF18190CST Swab, Transport, Amies and Charcoal, Wire Stick
401011 DCF18190CST Swab, Transport, Amies, Twisted Wire
401012 DCF1819CST Swab, Transport, Amies & Charcoal, Twisted Wire
401013 DCF190C Swab, Transport, Amies, Twisted Wire
401014 DCF346C Swab, Copan Flocked – 3ml
401015 DCF359C Swab, Flocked with UTM
401016 DCF480CE Swab, Flocked, Single, Amies
401017 DCF490CE Swab, Flocked, Nasal, Liquid Amies
401018 DCF490CE Swab, Flocked, Single, Amies wiht Automation
401019 DCF493CE Swab, Flocked, Liquid Amies – 1ml
401020 DCF493CE02 Swab, Microbiology, Liquid Amies – 1ml
401021 DCF493CE03 Swab, Flocked, Liquid Amies – 1-3ml
401022 M408CST Swabs, Amies Transport – M40
401023 PFT1R913R Red Cap to fit Swab
402000 ME300230 Swab, non-sterile, Disposable
403000 TS10 Swab, Sterile, Culture – 100 x 50

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