Speculux is a range of single use, fully disposable and self-illuminating Vaginal Specula for use in examination, diagnosis and treatment in associated feminine healthcare.

Speculux is available with a smoke tube, which extracts smoke and aerosols produced when using diathermy. Speculux is supplied in three sizes; small, medium and large – with a screw mechanism. The configuration with integrated illumination maximises convenience for medical practitioners.

Uniquely, G+N’s range of Specula deliver light directly to the point of interest, maximising effectiveness and convenience for medical practitioners.

Features and Benefits:

  • Total clinical freedom – patients can be examined at any suitable location
  • Self contained – no cable, wires, or mains power required
  • Maximum light intensity for at least 30 minutes, with illumination continuing for much longer
  • Pre-attached light source for easy of use
  • Light directed to the end of the device where it is most effective
  • Reliably robust and ergonomic
  • Saves time – no servicing or repair of equipment
  • Reduces costs – no cleaning of cables or accessories
  • Simple disposal – straight into clinical waste bin
  • Single use – risk of cross contamination is eliminated
  • Environment – batteries contain no Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, or Lithium

Size  Reorder Code Body Open Position External Diameter
Small  703060 104mm 78mm 24mm
Medium 703070 120mm 88mm 26mm
Large 703080 143mm 105mm 28mm


Reorder code is for minimum order 25 units. All products 3 years shelf life.

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