A patient focused solution to Primary Urine Analysis.

Eliminate the need for decanting in the laboratory with our range of primary urine collection tubes. Ideal for use in automated urine analysers, our tubes are fully labelled and available empty or with pre-filled boric acid. Our urine collection tubes have secure screw caps and each batch is leak tested.

We also have primary urine collection kits available which include:

  • Collection cup(s).
  • Polystyrene test tubes complete with cap and ID label.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Polythene mini-grip bag.

For more information, contact our Customer Services team on 0845 263 8908 or email sales@gandn.com.

Item Number  Product Description 
205000  Urine Collection Kit with Pouch Bag – White Cap
205001  Urine Collection Kit with Boric 
 206011  Urine Cup, Plastic 
206012  Urine Kit Instruction Leaflet 

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