Improve your accuracy and precision with our range of pipettes and pipette tips

Our pipettes come in several designs to suit a variety of purposes; from single-piece glass pipettes to more complex, electronic pipettes. We also offer an extensive range of pipette tips, ideal for any pipette you have in the lab.

The accuracy of our pipettes vary greatly depending on the style, so if you are unsure on which system is best for you, contact our Customer Services team on 0845 263 8908.

Our range includes:

  • Single use pasteur pipette with integral bulb.
  • Standard, paper peel pipettes.
  • Narrow orifice plastic peel pipettes.
  • Shortie paper peel pipettes.
  • Open-ended plastic peel pipettes.
  • Serological and disposable pipettes.

We also offer a range of pipette systems, pipette fillers and GLP kits.

Item Number  Product Description 
302000  Pipette Eppendorf Tips 1000µl 
302001  Pipette Eppendorf Tips 200µl 
302002  Pipette Transfer, Graduated 1ml 
302003  Pipette Transfer, Sterile SW 1ml 
302004  Pipette Transfer, Sterile 1ml (10s) 
302005  Pipette Transfer, Sterile 1ml (20s) 
302006  Pipette Transfer, Graduated 3ml 
302007  Pipette Transfer, Sterile 3ml 
302008  Pipette Transfer, Sterile SW 3ml (10s) 
302009  Pipette Transfer, Sterile SW 3ml (20s) 
303000  Pipette Tips, Blue 101-1000µl 
303001 Pipette Tips, Natural 10-500µl 
303002  Pipette Tips, Yellow 2-200µl 
303003  Pipette Tips, Natural 1-5ml 
303004  Pipette Tips, Gilson ST 1-10ml 
303005  Pipette Tips, Finnpipette 1-5ml 
303030  Pasteur Pipette Fine Point, Sterile SW 1ml 
303031  Liquipette, Graduated, Loose 3ml 
303032  Pasteur Pipette, Graduated, Sterile 3ml (10s) 
303033  Pasteur Pipette, Graduated, Sterile 3ml (20s) 
303035  Liquipette, Graduated, NS, Small Bulb 1ml 
303036  Pasteur Pipette Sterile 1ml (Bulk)
307004  Pipette, Serological, SW 1ml 
307005  Pipette, Serological SW, PS, Irradiated 2ml 
307006  Pipette, Open End 1ml 
306000  Volac Pipettor, Variable Volume ECO range 
306001  Volac Pipettor, Variable Volume ECO range, Tips 
306005  Pipette, Glass Bulb 1ml 
306006 Micropipette 25µl 
307008  Pipette, Suction Adaptor 10ml


For further pipettes and pipette tips or to place an order, please call 0845 263 8908 or email 

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