Quality microscope slides manufactured for any application

We offer a variety of microscopic slides made from the finest white glass and manufactured to strict specifications. All our slides are thin, flat and available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. We also offer a range of accessories including wooden storage boxes, slide dispensers and slide trays.

Our range includes:

  • Plain microscope slides with ground edges.
  • Twin frosted microscope slides.
  • Ready-to-use microscope cover glasses.


If there is a product you are looking for but have been unable to find on our website, please contact our dedicated Customer Services team on 01403 799190 or email labsales@gandn.com.

Item Number  Code  Product Description 
701048  GNPL10  Slide, Microscope, Plain 1mm, 76 x 26
701049  GNPL12 Slide, Microscope, Plain 1.1mm, 76 x 26 
701050  GNTF10  Slide, Twin Frost 1mm, 76 x 26mm
701051 GNTF12 Slide, Twin Frost 1.1mm, 76 x 26mm
701052  MS/46104  Microscope Slide, Mailer – PE Code 923 
701053  1320102  Microscope Slide with Cavities 76 x 26mm
702000  MS46510   Microscope Slide Tray 
702001  MS/46512 Microscope Slide Tray
702002 521.2113.A  Slide, Leica Microsystems
703000  A100010  Slide, Star Frost, White 45 Cut Edge
703001  A100013  Slide, Star Frost, Blue 45 cut Edge
703002 D100004  Slide, Twin Frosted, Ground Edge 1mm 
704000 GN/201-2222C  Cover Glass, Microscope 22x22mm 
704001  GN/HU-710190P  Slide, Plain 90 degree 
704002  GN/HU-710745TF  Slide, Twin Frosted 45 degree 

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