Colour coded Sterilin® loops for easy identification

We offer a range of disposable Sterilin® loops designed to eliminate cross-contamination risks. The loops are packed in tamper-evident paper and available in a choice of rigid or flexible polymers in a variety of colours.

We also have a selection of sterile disposable loops made from high-impact styrene and accompanying spreaders designed for the ease of cultures and ensuring uniform distribution.

To request a quote or order samples of loops and spreaders, please call our Customer Services team on 01403 799190 or email

Item Number  Product Code  Product Description 
907009  MQL1  Quadloop, Green – 1µl
907010  MQL10 Quadloop, blue 10µl 
907011  MSL10H  Steri Loop, Hard, Dark Blue 10µl 
907012  MSL1H  Steri Loop, Hard, Dark Green 1µl 
907013  MSPCS05  Spreader, L-shapes, Blue, irradiated 
908000  TS2-B  Sterile Loop, Firm Green, 10µl 
908001  TS30-C  Spreader – bag of 25 
908002  TS30-E  Disposable Loops – 5µl
908003  TS4-B  Loop Clear 1µl 

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