The Griff®Grip is our most robust plastic bin and a best seller. Entirely leak-proof, this container is ideal for liquid-based or noxious infectious material. The Griff®Grip is available in 30, 50 and 60 litre sizes and clearly labelled in accordance with ADR guidelines.

The Griff®Grip:

  • Has a 100% hermetic seal.
  • Is stackable for easy transportation.
  • Has easy-to-carry handles on both the bin body and bin lid.
  • Contains an exclusive hinge design which allows the lids to be attached quickly and easily.
  • Benefits from temporary and permanent closure lid options – the unique ‘rabbits’ teeth’ feature.
  • Single-piece or port-hole lids available.
  • Lids are available in: yellow, orange, black, purple, red and blue.


We can supply a pedal frame with all our Griff®Grip bins to enable ease of use and transportation.



Product Dimensions Max Weight Capacity Weight without Lid Weight with Single Lid Weight with Double Lid
Griff®Grip 30 Litres 400 x 360 x 330mm 15 kg .84kg 1.16kg 1.29kg
Griff®Grip 50 Litres 400 x 360 x 500mm 20kg 1.19kg 1.51kg 1.64kg
Griff®Grip 60 Litres 400 x 360 x 580mm 30kg 1.44kg 1.76kg 1.89kg

Item Number  Product Description 
531000  GriffGrip Yellow 30L 
531001  GriffGrip Yellow 30L (NO LABEL) 
532000  GriffGrip Yellow 50L
532001  GriffGrip Yellow 50L (NO LABEL) 
533000  GriffGrip Yellow 60L 
533001  GriffGrip Yellow 60L (NO LABEL)
534000  GriffGrip Double Lid Blue 
534001  GriffGrip Double Lid Purple 
534002  GriffGrip Double Lid Yellow 
534003  GriffGrip Double Lid Orange 
534004  GriffGrip Double Lid Black 
535000  GriffGrip Single Lid Black
535001  GriffGrip Single Lid Blue 
535002  GriffGrip Single Lid Orange 
535003  GriffGrip Single Lid Purple 
535004  GriffGrip Single Lid Red 
535005  GriffGrip Single Lid Yellow 
536000  GriffGrip Pedal Frame with Wheels

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