Griff®Bin Clinical Waste Bin

G+N’s Griff®Bin is a high quality clinical waste container available in 30 and 60 litre sizes. It is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and ideal for large volume infectious material or tissue. Our Griff®Bin is perfect for use in operating theatres and for the disposal of sensitive waste.

The Griff®Bin clinical waste bin:

  • Has easy carrying handles.
  • Is equipped with an excellent closure mechanism.
  • Has a ridged top which allows for easy handling and stacking.
  • Has a hermetically sealed lid which ensures that once locked, is fully secured and will not open.
  • Is ideal for use as a ‘limb bin’.
  • Bases and lids available in: yellow, orange, red, blue, purple and black.
Product Max Weight Capacity Weight without Lids Weight with Lids Outer Diameter Height
Griff®Bin 30 13.5kg 750 g 1.15 kg 345mm 340mm
Griff®Bin 60 27 kg 1300 g 1.69 kg 345mm 710mm

Item Code  Product Description 
501000  GriffBin, 30L Black
501001  GriffBin 30L Blue 
501002  GriffBin 30L Orange 
501003  GriffBin 30L Red 
501004  GriffBin 30L Yellow 
502000  GriffBin 60L Blue 
502001  GriffBin 60L Yellow 
502002  GriffBin 60L Black 
502003  GriffBin 60L Orange 
502004  GriffBin 60L Red 
503000  GriffBin Yellow Pedal Holder 
504000  GriffBin Blue Lid
504001  GriffBin Orange Lid 
504002  GriffBin Purple Lid 
504003  GriffBin Red Lid 
504004  GriffBin Yellow Lid 
504005  GriffBin Black Lid

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