Griff®Carton Cardboard Clinical Waste Container

The Griff®Carton is a cardboard clinical waste container constructed from 75% recycled material and contains a high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner complete with two closures. Available in 12, 25 and 50 litre sizes, the Griff®Carton is ideal for GP surgeries, private clinics and hospital wards.

It’s ultra-lightweight ‘fold flat’ design reduces transport and treatment costs, whilst the low plastic content ensures that processing emissions are minimised.

The Griff®Carton:

  • Is less than 50% of the cost of equivalent plastic bins.
  • Has a unique ‘pop up’ assembly which enables ease of use.
  • Has an integral ‘draw’ band to facilitate closure of the bag.
  • Has a secondary closure for secure containment.
  • Contains integrated carry handles for ease of transportation.
  • Is available in blue and yellow with corresponding coloured bags.
12 litres 25 litres 50 Litres High
Inside Dimensions 200 x 200 x 302mm 230 x 230 x 430mm 295 x 295 x 575mm
Max Weight Capacity 4 kg 12 kg 15 kg
Weight When empty 220g 335g 555g
Usable Volume 11.48 L 22.75 L 47.54 L
Minimum Order Quantity 10 10 10

Item Number  Product Description 
521000  GriffCarton Yellow/Yellow 12L 
522000  GriffCarton Yellow/Yellow 25L 
523002  GriffCarton Yellow/Yellow 50L
522001  GriffCarton Yellow/Blue Bag 25L 
522002  GriffCarton Orange/ Yellow Bag 25L 
523000  GriffCarton Blue/Yellow Bag 50L 
523003  GriffCarton Blue White/ Blue Bag 50L 
523001  GriffCarton Orange/Orange Bag 50L




  • For information on the safe disposal of potentially hazardous clinical waste click here.
  • To view the 2012 Controlled Waste Regulations for England and Wales click here.
  • To arrange collections of clinical waste click here.

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