Specifically designed for contaminated waste disposal in autoclaves or incinerators

Our range of strong, disposable autoclave bags are suitable for high temperature sterilisation at 134°c (273ºf) and are designed for particularly resistant biological waste. All our autoclave bags are made with blue biohazard printing and are available in a variety of sizes.

In addition to our autoclave bags, we also offer:

  • a range of self-contained autoclaves.
  • Deodoriser capsules.
  • Autoclave tape.

For more information or to obtain a quote, please call our Customer Services team on 01403 799190 or email labsales@gandn.com.

Please note that split pack quantities and discounts may be offered and carriage my be charged on some items.

Item Number  Code  Product Description 
905000  GN/50MICRON Autoclave Bag, 50 Micron, Printed
905001 GN610  Autoclave Bag, HT 40mm x 610mm 
905002 GN660 Autoclave Bag, HT 307mm x 660mm
905003 GN780 Autoclave Bag, HT 610mm x 780mm

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