COVID-19 Antibody Testing Kit

The test kit is a simple pin-prick blood test that reads similarly to a diabetic or pregnancy test. The results are  available within 3 minutes. The test detects the immune systems response to infection by screening for the antibodies that denote infection by COVID19. The test is simple to carry out and is suitable for both clinic and field use.

The performance of the test kit was independently validated by the Pasteur Institute in France and has been approved by the French Ministry of Health.

Sensitivity for IgM for samples taken 14 to 19 days after onset of symptoms = 100%

Sensitivity for IgG for samples taken 14 to 19 days after onset of symptoms = 100%

Specificity for IgM = 96%

Specificity for IgG = 98%


Advantages of our Testing Kit:

  • Simple to use and gives a clear result in 3 minutes
  • Patients given the result straight away
  • Designed to be used with and validated on capillary finger prick samples


This test must be undertaken by a healthcare professional and we have partnered with MSI Group who offer an end to end SARS-CoV-2 testing service, to help organisations find out if their staff have been infected by the virus.

With the help of this testing service, you can get your workforce back up and running as quickly and easily as possible. The link to arrange MSI’s testing service is below.

Alternatively if you have business enquiries regarding out antibody testing kits, either send an email to or call head office on 01403 799190.




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