PPE Face Mask Range

PPE is of utmost importance amid the chaos of COVID-19, G&N have sourced a range of high quality solutions that can help to keep yourself and others safe during this pandemic.

For any High Quantity orders, please contact medsales@gandn.com or call our Head Office on 01403 799190

We Have Our FITLEGS AES Compression Stocking Range Available For Purchase!

FITLEGS AES  and FITLEGS AES Grip Anti-Embolism Stockings are designed to be comfortable and effective in reducing the risk of DVT formation. Our compression stockings can help prevent damage to the tissue of your calf caused by the increase in venous pressure that occurs when a vein is blocked (by a clot) and blood is diverted to the outer veins.

Our FITLEGS AES, FITLEGS AES Grip and FITLEGS PLUS compression stockings are available to purchase from our website and will be posted directly to your door.

Our prices include VAT and FREE postage.